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GPSed service has been deprecated.
We have shut down GPSed on March 19, 2014 and we don't plan to get back to this project in the future. We'd like to thank all of you for being incredibly friendly and loyal with us!

Meanwhile, our team has not been dismissed. Currently we are participating in two compelling projects: Mobiscope Cloud and IM+. Both are growing fast, and we believe that GPSed users will find each project very interesting and helpful.


Mobiscope Cloud

Cloud-based video surveillance for home and business


All-in-one mobile and web messenger

You are welcome to try each application. We will be happy to have you on board!

Sincerely, GPSed Team.

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High Street thumbnail High Street | By Mooseh
United Kingdom United Kingdom, England, Ambleside

Distance: 23.4 km | Duration: 8hr 26min 45s
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As of today GPSed has 352461 tracks in 211 countries

GPSed service is discontinued

On December 18, 2013 we have stopped new account registration. In the next 3 months we'll discontinue GPSed service at all.
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Keep tracks of your trips

Map GPS tracks from your mobile, keep them in a personal archive and attach photos

Record tracks of your trips anywhere on the Earth from your mobile device. Tracks are traced on Google Maps (or Google Earth) and stored in an online archive. All you need to start tracking is a mobile device with an internal or external GPS receiver.
Take photos while traveling and link them to a map precisely at a place they were taken. Attach taken photos to GPS tracks from Picasa™ and Flickr
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Share your position and tracks with friends and family

Share your position, GPS tracks and photos with friends and family

Let your friends see your instant position on a map when you are recording tracks with GPSed mobile application. Share GPS tracks with geotagged photos with friends via e-mail, IM or by posting them to social networks like MySpace™, Twitter™ and Blogger™ right from mobile device.
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Track vehicles fleet or members of your family

GPSed Monitoring Service: Track vehicles fleet or members of your family in real-time

No need to buy expensive equipment and overpay for airtime. Just use your mobile device (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or J2ME) with GPS receiver and start tracking right now.
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GPSed is fully compatible with mobile devices equipped with the internal GPS receivers. Examples of some models: iPhone 3G, Nokia N95, BlackBerry Storm, Bold and other latest models, Windows Mobiles. GPSed is also compatible with a wide range of mobiles that can connect to the external GPS receiver via Bluetooth and with any gps receivers (like Garmin GPS, TomTom GPS and others) that can record tracks in GPX, PLT, KML and other formats.
Mobiscope application

Mobile video surveillance with Mobiscope

Use Mobiscope application to turn your iOS or Android device into a video surveillance tool to monitor things that matter to you. The application allows you to connect to IP and web cameras on-the-go right from your mobile - then you can see what's happening in your house or office in real time. Mobiscope automatically starts recording when motion is detected as well as sends you alerts via email or as Push notification. Sign up for FREE!
Content Awards Winner 2008
Monday, February 9, 2009 GPSed won the Sony Ericsson Content Awards for the In-car applications category!

Motivation from the jury - this In-Car application lets you track your location and share your track and position in real-time with your social networks including email and SMS.

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